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"Noah" Screenwriter Ari Handel Addresses the Reason For An All White Cast: To Represent "Stand-ins for All People"




Did you know the sun rose in the east and will set in the west? Or that water is wet? Or that little shits will be little shits even if you give them millions of dollars to make a movie? This person is also vv upset that Benetton and Star Trek had the sheer gaul to cast people of color in their respective media. 

I cannot even begin to fathom the wrongness of this

From the beginning, we were concerned about casting, the issue of race. What we realized is that this story is functioning at the level of myth, and as a mythical story, the race of the individuals doesn’t matter. They’re supposed to be stand-ins for all people. Either you end up with a Bennetton ad or the crew of the Starship Enterprise. You either try to put everything in there, which just calls attention to it, or you just say, ‘Let’s make that not a factor, because we’re trying to deal with everyman.’ Looking at this story through that kind of lens is the same as saying, ‘Would the ark float and is it big enough to get all the species in there?’ That’s irrelevant to the questions because the questions are operating on a different plane than that; they’re operating on the mythical plane.” - From the Complex article. 

Colorblindness always seems to equate not having anyone of color involved in casting. Therefore race does matter. It matters enough to exclude anyone that isn’t white.

Rich Heir Rapes His 3 Year-Old Daughter, Gets No Jail Time Because He ‘Will Not Fare Well’ In Prison


TW: R Child Abuse






Everything about this is disgusting.

Here’s a petition to get this idiotic judge fired!

Affluenza strikes again. 

And more to the point, it’s glaringly obvious the rules are incredibly different for the 1% and those in the cheap seats but… seeing how stark those differences are can be incredibly frustrating. Sure, when you’re so well connected that your parents lunch with the D.A and or the Senator is on your speed dial, that’s one thing but when you do something this morally depraved and get special consideration when every other person in the same circumstance would be justly pilloried it says a lot about how “affluenza” and those judges who dole out preferential treatment really think about social class.

Nobody “fares well” in prison, but it only matters when a rich white guy might end up there.

Not to let the judge off the hook, but also fuck the prosecution for recommending probation. A competent prosecutor could’ve easily gotten a plea bargain and still recommended a higher sentence - or even demanded a plea for a crime with a mandatory minimum. They do it all the fucking time for drug cases. But suddenly a rich white dude is arrested and the prosecution is all about leniency?

Fuck this system.

I signed: 

8:30 pm Mar 31
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The three year old he raped will not “fare well” for the rest of her life after the trauma. if he raped one child, he will rape again, and her light sentence shows ignorance of that. How do I, a citizen, know more than somebody who supposedly knows the law well enough to arbitrate and dictate it?!
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