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Daniele Watts' Boyfriend Throws Her Under The Bus





I ENCOURAGE you to listen to this audio. This is a sad example of what we discuss here on fucknofetishization. Interracial relationships DO NOT end racism, just like heterosexual relationships do not end sexism. You can be fully be in an interracial relationship and still have animosity towards members of a certain race or remain ignorant to the certain oppressions that that race has.

In this audio we can hear Danielle’s white boyfriend agreeing with the officer that she stepped out of bounds and that doing some time in the back of a police car will do her some good. Danielle’s boyfriend repeatedly agrees with the officer participating in the antiblack racism the United States law enforcement perpetuates.

This is inexcusable. Hopefully Danielle hears this audio and does what is best for her physically and mentally after this incident.

- Susie

“This is a very sensitive subject to her. You know, the black and white,” Brian began explaining to the officer. “This is about the third time we’ve gotten accosted for it.”

“It’s not as sensitive to me because I understand where you’re coming from,” Brian continued.

“She’s just using it as her crutch. It’s fine. You get used to it after a while,” said the officer.

“I bet,” adds Brian. “I understand your job so […] I know you don’t wanna deal with stuff like this. This is not a protect and serve issue.”

“She needs to not see everything in black and white,” said the officer.

“No pun intended,” Brian joked. “[If a Black officer pulled up] it would’ve been the same thing. In the future, that might be what has to happen for her to…Hey, I’ll bring that up. That’s a good idea. Thank you. I’ll share that with her and I’ll do that from a perspective of you not sharing that with me, but like, ‘Hey babe, what if it was a Black cop? Would it be the same thing?’”

Once officers placed her in the patrol car Brian responds:

“It’s her first time being in the car. It’ll be good.”

Brian can even be heard laughing awkwardly after Daniele was cuffed. SMH.

I tell y’all WoC to stop fucking with them white boys just because they don’t say this shit to your face, but there you are with your white boys who are too ugly for you anyway.

Hope they don’t turn out to be this guy, tho I know more than half will…

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