Black Moustache Idiot to your poetry


i’ve been thinking about all those posts about “we need female heroes who do girly things”/”why is the female hero always such a tomboy” and then the response posts that are like “uhhh actually we don’t really have any really masculine female heroes either” so i was trying to figure it out—what do we have, exactly?

and really what we get is women who eschew “girly” things while still managing to look like society’s ideal woman. they would never touch eyeliner (they’re too busy with Important Things), but their eyeliner is immaculate. they have a huge, varied wardrobe, but wouldn’t be caught dead actually shopping for clothes. and it reminds me of the expectation that women must be effortlessly beautiful. don’t wear makeup or you’ll seem self-absorbed—but god forbid you look like you’re not wearing makeup. it’s interesting to me, that the impossibilities imposed on female characters are the same ones imposed on real women.

The Last Word on They/Them


Thought experiment. 

You identify as male. Someone uses she/her pronouns for you.

"That Dave, she is a real card."

You identify as female. Someone uses he/him pronouns for you.

"Sally is the best. He always brings snacks for everyone."

When imagining yourself as Dave or Sally, how did the incorrect pronouns make you feel? 

Is it so hard for you to imagine that if you didn’t identify as male or female, that being referred to by gendered pronouns would bother you? 

Some of you are literally saying that grammar is more important than someone’s comfort and respect. 

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